Where do I put my rubbish?

Each block has a bin store which is located in the car park area. Please ensure that your rubbish is properly wrapped and put inside the bins provided. As considerate residents, please make sure your rubbish doesn’t leak in the lift and place inside the bins, not next to them.

If you have large household items such as fridges, sofas etc. for a small charge the Local Authority can collect and dispose of these for you. Call Tower Hamlets Council on 0207 364 5004 and they will make arrangements with you. Please do not just leave these items in the bin store as the council will not take them with the normal rubbish collection. We have to pay for a private company to remove dumped items and that will add costs to all our service charges.

If you do leave any items for the Council please tell the staff in the estate office.

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Do you know any tradesmen who can do small repairs?

KFH maintain a list of tradesmen recommended by residents and will supply details to you if you contact them. KFH do not recommend them, the tradesmen do not pay to go on the list, nor do Poplar Dock or KFH take any payment from the tradesmen on the list.

If you can recommend a good tradesman that you have used at Boardwalk Place then please let KFH know and they can add the details to the list.

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Can I get help moving into or out of Boardwalk Place?

In one word, yes!

If you’re moving in or out, please contact the estate office a few days beforehand on 020 7531 0126. The staff there will advise you on the best access to and from your apartment, as it may not be the main entrance. He will also arrange for protective wall mats to be put up in the lift, both to protect the lift itself and any of your furniture in there.

Parking can also be reserved for removal vans if necessary. There is no charge for this service.

If you’re moving in, welcome to Boardwalk Place and please check out the Do’s and Don’ts guide on this site for help and advice.

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How do I get my entryphone connected?

Go to the estate office and you will be asked to complete a form with your details including the telephone number. The entryphone system outside simply calls a landline number programmed in beforehand. The form will be sent to the company that maintains the system and they will connect your number to the entrance panel. This may take up to 24 hours, or longer if you apply at the weekend. We have to charge for the administration of this service, and it is currently £25 per entrance.

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I am expecting a visitor – where can they park their car?

Visitor parking spaces are very limited at Boardwalk Place. There is one visitor permit issued to each flat, either to the owner or the tenant. Please give this to your visitor to display in their car.

If you don’t have a permit your visitor can obtain a temporary permit from the estate office although these are for one-off visits only – please don’t attempt to reuse. If you have more than one car you cannot use your visitor permit to park elsewhere. Vehicles not displaying a permit or abusing the system in this way will be clamped. We have to have a system like this in place to stop people simply parking in our development then going into Canary Wharf to work, shop etc.

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What do I do if I see a light bulb that has gone out in the common areas?

We need you to tell us if anything is wrong in Boardwalk Place – it’s hard for us to know everything happening in every corridor in every block every day. Please go to the estate office, or call the staff there. We keep spare bulbs on site but if the light is difficult to access a contractor may need to be called out. It will be repaired as soon as possible.

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What do I do if I need a service provider to call while I am not there?

We understand that, as busy people, you may need to leave keys for someone else to access your apartment. You can leave keys at the estate office – just tell the staff who you are expecting and when, and they will deal with it for you.

Please don’t stick a note next to the entryphone – sticky tape and other adhesives damage the marble surrounds next to most of the entryphone systems. Repairing this involves a total resurface/shine of the marble which is very expensive.

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