Balcony Maintenance

According to the lease, the floors of the balconies belong to the apartment owner, whilst the walls and railings are part of the building. Balconies should only be cleaned with a dilute solution of general cleaning fluid (something like Flash or Ecover etc). Please take care to ensure that fluids do not drip onto the balconies below. Under no circumstances should pressure washers be used on the balconies or the walls.

Balcony walls, boards and railings should not be painted or varnished – it’s not allowed in the leases as it would lead to a very disparate and variable looking development.

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Sub-letting Apartments

The terms of the lease must be observed when letting out your apartment to tenants. Apartments can only be sub-let as a whole unit. Apartments must not be let as serviced accommodation of any sort. The council needs to license such serviced accommodation.

A very important provision on your leases is that car parking spaces must not be rented separately to your apartment. This is for all our security – people who don’t live here should not be able to access our car parks and internal areas.

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Bin Stores

Bin stores should only be used for domestic rubbish. Larger items need to be removed by the council. Being next to water in Central London means rats are a real problem – please always place rubbish in a closed bag inside the bins, not on the floor, as this encourages vermin.

If the bins at the front of the bin store are full please contact the porters’ lodge and empty bins will be moved to the front.

On no account should you use the bins along the road around the development for household rubbish, or the ones outside the British Waterways’ marina entrance – the latter are for houseboat residents only.

There are six recycling bins located in four separate bin stores. If you want to recycle and there isn’t a bin in the bin store that you normally use then please ask at the estate office. The staff there will be able to tell you how to access the nearest bin.

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We aim to ensure Boardwalk Place is a well-kept and smart development, for all our benefit. As such, there are regulations in place that forbid using balconies to store household goods, bikes or to dry washing. This is in every lease and as such is compulsory.

ON NO ACCOUNT are barbecues allowed to be used on a balcony. Not only it is unpleasant for other residents but it is also a serious fire hazard. All but a few balconies are made of wooden planks, and embers/sparks can fall through to balconies below – and have done in the past. This area is one of the most common for issues from residents.

Please keep our development looking tidy – only tables, chairs and plants on balconies.

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Residents are requested to keep music, parties and general noise to a minimum. Please be aware of your neighbours generally. For example, if you have the good fortune and skill to play a musical instrument, please play it within sensible times!

Please remember your neighbours, particularly in summer months when most residents have their windows open. Being considerate benefits us all.

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Satellite TV

Satellite dishes are not allowed on the development under the terms of the lease, and there is no need to have one anyway. Every block of apartments in Boardwalk Place has a communal dish.

Terrestrial and Freeview digital TV are available as standard. Sky+ and HD require an additional receiver box, but are easily arranged for you. Details are in the FAQ section of the site.

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Parking Bays

Parking bays are for cars, motorbikes and bicycles only. Nothing else is allowed to be kept in the bays. Storage of items in parking spaces may constitute a fire hazard, something by law we cannot ignore.

Residents who store items in their parking bays will be given a warning and, if that warning is ignored, the items will be removed. The resident will be charged for that removal.

In addition, cars must not be serviced, filled with petrol or washed in the car parks.

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Corridors, stairwells and entrance areas in the development must be kept clear at all times. This is essential to ensure easy exit in case of a fire and also to ensure that our communal areas look tidy. This includes external door mats which aren’t allowed by the leases as they are a trip hazard.

Please do not need unwanted post on top of the mail boxes. Please either post it back into a Royal Mail postbox marked ‘no longer at this address’ or return it to the estate office.

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Barbecues are not allowed anywhere on the development. This includes penthouses and ground floor apartments. Not only are they unpleasant for residents in surrounding apartments but they are a serious fire hazard.

Similarly, barbecues must not be stored on balconies or in parking spaces.

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