Bin Stores

Bin stores should only be used for domestic rubbish. Larger items need to be removed by the council. Being next to water in Central London means rats are a real problem – please always place rubbish in a closed bag inside the bins, not on the floor, as this encourages vermin.

If the bins at the front of the bin store are full please contact the porters’ lodge and empty bins will be moved to the front.

On no account should you use the bins along the road around the development for household rubbish, or the ones outside the British Waterways’ marina entrance – the latter are for houseboat residents only.

There are six recycling bins located in four separate bin stores. If you want to recycle and there isn’t a bin in the bin store that you normally use then please ask at the estate office. The staff there will be able to tell you how to access the nearest bin.

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