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The BWP Board

The Board is made up of the Directors of the Poplar Docklands Management Company Ltd, and meets once a month.

The Directors are owners of property on the estate, either owner-occupiers or buy-to-let investors, with the exception of one director who represents Fraser Place (the serviced apartment block which owns the largest number of units on the development).

The appointment of Directors is voted on annually by the property shareholders, at the Annual General Meeting. Directors hold the post for one year, and any wishing to remain in post must be re-elected at the AGM.

The Directors’ work is unpaid – they receive no remuneration nor claim expenses.  The Directors aim to have no commercial or financial interest in any supplier of goods or services to the management company, but if such a possible conflict arises two independent directors will review the situation before making a recommendation to the Board.

The Company currently has ten Directors who are:

  • Ahmad Imtiaz
  • Ahmed Omar
  • Battalgazi Sabiha
  • Delfino Julian
  • Evans Christopher
  • Kaan Mahtab
  • Khatib Aslam
  • Lohne Chambers Astrid
  • Madani Hitesh
  • Tewes James

If you are interested in becoming a Director or Poplar Management Company Ltd. please contact Laura Wells on 020 3542 0170  or .