Visitor Parking

Parking is only allowed within designated parking spaces. The majority of spaces are allocated to individual apartments, however there are a small number of visitors’ spaces for all our use. Most apartments have one parking space. Every resident is entitled to a visitor’s permit.

The visitor’s permit is for short term parking in the visitors’ parking bays only. The permit must not be used to permanently park a car. The porters check registration numbers to ensure this doesn’t happen, and any abuse will result in the permit being cancelled, the owner notified and the car being clamped. Parking permits must not be sold or rented – again, this is checked frequently.

We employ a clamping company to regularly visit the site for all our benefit. They will clamp anyone parked incorrectly. There is a release fee, payable to the company, for any clamped vehicle.

Please note the area in front of the main arch must be kept clear at all times as it is required for emergency access to the dockside blocks – the large square arch over the plaza next to Fraser Place.

If you lose your permit, a new one can be obtained from the Managing Agents or a request can be made at the estate office. There is a charge of £5 for such replacements to cover administrative costs. Lost permits will be cancelled and so it is important not to use a permit if subsequently found as the car will be clamped.

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